Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again.......

didn't mean to snap it while going under the bridge but taking pics while riding is not as easy as it looks.
Got out for a spin today south of town for about 45 miles. It was a quick couple hours on the bike. I got home cleaned up then picked up some factory Subaru ski racks for the outback off craigslist. One more piece to the puzzle just a few more items before ski season.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pie or Cake

EDIT: This is Echo Lake Lodge Near Idaho Springs Colorado.

In my opnion two types of people exist in the I'm not talking about religion or even politics. I'm talking about pie, That's right They're people who like pie and people who like cake. Me, I like pie.
Speaking of Pie... I hear this place serves up a mean slice of pie...As well as fried trout.
Maybe next summer as the mount Evans road is closed for the season I don't know if we will make it back up this year.

Ever Think That Someone Is Just Being Creepy.....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beau goes where I go

Beau knows where to go
Beau fabulous and Colorado bound

Stopping to smell the flowers in Hawaii

Smile for the photo!

For those of you who don't know Beau, he is my travel buddy. He was given to me by Brandon as a surprise one night after I got off work a few nights before our first bug trip together with out our pups. He was to be there to help cope with not having our puppies around who normally go everywhere we go as well. Well now he goes everywhere with me. He has been to California three times, Hawaii three times ( he accidentally got left home one of the four times :( ), numerous trips out here to Colorado before he got the chance to actually move out here. I never like to go on a major trip without taking him along, whether it be in my arms on a plane or strapped to my backpack while running to the other side of the airport trying to catch that plane! I love my travel buddy!

Random Pics From Graceland....Oct.2008

Huge wall of Gold and Platinum Records...

Some of his stage outfits He was not a very Large man.....
Swing set for lisa marie

I bet a few games were played on here

Dining room

Look at that state of the art 3 t.v. system...Nice!

Front room

Not as Large as one would think...

I think it is funny that he spent $100,000 on this house and It is not nearly as large as you would think. I was a bit sceptical about going on the tour but it was really fun and worth the over inflated price we payed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Get Skinny...

Candice and I February 2010
Candice and I Late August 2010

Myself and My Cousins In February 2010 (I am looking very much like a blimp)

Late August 2010 ( feeling Much more trim)

Candice February 2010

Candice late August 2010

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of Candice, We have struggled for some time with our weight But this time I believe It has stuck we are fully committed to taking It off and keeping It off. We are Both lost right around 40#'s and It feels really good. I'm fairly certain that if we would have tried the above hike in February we would never have made it. (and not because it was covered in snow;)
Candice seems to surprise herself once and awhile With the hikes she is able to accomplish and It is so great to see her gaining more self confidence. I believe that things are only going to continue to improve from here.

I Must Be Crazy!.

I 70 West bound Before Idaho Springs
Condo at the bottom of 4 o'clock run. and the 15+"of snow that fell that weekend

Some dork In the Peak 7 Parking lot Breckenridge Co.
I must be crazy but for the first time in a very long time I am ecstatic about winter. I for once don't have to get up early to warm the car (unless it's to go skiing :). And living in Colorado snow actually has a purpose you can actually use it to slide your ass down the mountain and get a little exercise.
I am going to attempt to take Candice. If she decides to ski I think that I can teach her but If she decides to snowboard I have already told her that she Is going to have to take a lesson. Being new to that sport myself I am not much help to her and her learning curve would be much shorter If we just payed for a few lessons. So In short I am going to Enjoy whats left of the bike season but I am really looking forward to some powder Monday's...

Good Weekend...

Picked Up this North Face Jacket for ski season. Only In a Red on Red pattern. It was Severely discounted due to sniagrab, A local ski shop sale and I also got Candice a North Face Coat as her old Columbia That she has had for 6+ Years was needing replaced.

We also happened upon a garage sale in the city of south park (yes the one the cartoon is named after) and I picked up a Dakine Back country bag and a pair of Snowboard boots. The boots ended up being too small but with Craigslist being what it is out here they are gone and I even Turned a $40 Profit...Not bad.

My last stop was a ski shop in Frazer and picked up a pair of atomic demo skis from 07' for $29.99 How could I pass that Up?

Now the only thing left is a ski Rack (Hopefully I can pick one up down at sniagrab before It ends) and a few things for "c" and we will Be ready For the slopes.

Lastly I need to pick Up a Season Pass But still In the process of saving up. As they are over $400 for the year but If you go more than 5 or 6 times they pay for themselves pretty easy. I have Monday's off now days so that should Be pretty easy to obtain.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Throw Them Bones! It's HUSKER time!

Even though I don't live in Nebraska anymore, I think that I am more excited then ever for this first Husker game! I hope that everyone has a great time tailgaiting and going to the game today! GGGOOO BBBIIIGGG RRREEEDDD!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Excited for some folks to come hang out.

I was thinking of heading out to this...Or maybe over to this.
With summer winding down this will be the last weekend to go stand atop Mt. Evans
Also If I have Time I may have to go check out this

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So Thats what altitude sickness feels like.......

View of upper Chicago Lake Elv. 12,000+ft.

view of Candice and Mt Evans and Mt. Spalding In the back ground and also the destination of our hike
A shot I took from the upper lake looking over the lower lake. while we were eating lunch.

Yours truly overlooking the lower lake.

A nice view of Mt. Evans and Mt. Spalding In the distance and the valley below

Mrs. C getting ready to head out for the hike it was approx. 46 degrees when we left the car this am.
It turns out that my research was incorrect and The whole time I thought this hike was around 6 miles in length, But after some very tired legs and a little more Internet research It looks to be more like 11.75 mi. And over 2,300 ft of climbing. 6+ hrs of hiking.
But the pictures are worth every sore muscle in our bodies.

Both of us were feeling a bit "fuzzy" from our trip up in altitude but that seemed to pass with some fluids and our retreat to lower altitude.
Next up Lincoln Lake.