Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's better than dueling pianist?!

So last night we went to this awesome bar in Lodo called Sing Sing. It is a dueling piano bar. It is a seven dollar cover to get in, but totally worth it. There is a small group of guys, about 4-5 who rotate through out the night. There are two pianos that face each other, they have a drum set a keyboard right next to one of the pianos and there where also a couple of old school 80's piano guitars as well. They take request and know just about every song imaginable! You just write your request on a piece of paper and take it up with any dollar amount you would like to tip. They were pretty amazing! Def going to go back again some time! :)
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Univirsity of Colorado Hospital

The top photo Is several years old but the only one that I could find showing the old Fitzsimons army hospital in it. Their have been several additions to this campus Including a 10 story building and a New building that will be under construction soon.
The bottom Photo Is circa. 1978 With almost nothing around to speak of.
When I first moved to the Denver Metro area I spent 3 Months working all around this Hospital and the Old army Hospital interested me the most. I believe you can still go in and take tours of the building.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smile! Hope you are having a good day! :D

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Do you wanna riiidde in back seat of my...Subaru?

So we got a new car last weekend. A Subaru Legacy Outback. It rocks and it also has already broke down once! What the french!? All in all we love it! B is the one who mostly drives it right now and I finally get to drive my truck everyday. Still a little sad that I had to trade in the first car that I ever bought with my own money :(, but it is for the better. I also thought it was really cute that B would not let me get rid of the blue star that I had hanging from my rear view mirror in my old car that is so beat up and faded :) Love him
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Into Thin Air....

We went to the Mt. Evans Wilderness this past weekend and did a little hiking. The hike Began at around 10,600ft and we Did a little climbing from there. I hope to go back next weekend and hike Chicago lakes trail. I hear it is amazing

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to the Dry and Cool....

Came back from Nebraska yesterday and I am definitely glad that I live in this climate now and not that one. It was nearly 90 degrees and about the same humidity when we rolled into Lincoln last Saturday morning. Mind you it was 3:30am. It was 64 degrees when I came to work this evening with about 25% Humidity.
Anyone need a cat? Or a Match to the death in Mario Cart?